So you're a newbie ey?

We hope that the following information will shed some light on the dark areas of Linux for Linux newbies and make it fun to explore.
When you explore a new operating system it's usually for a specific purpose; it's either to just experiment, or to replace your existing OS. While it is our hope that you learn something in the process, our main goal is to get you up and running in no time. If you really want to learn the ins-'n-outs of the Linux operating system, take a look at the basics here and continue reading our main howto section for more advanced topics. If you have no time to waste "hacking" a new Linux system together read on.

If on the other hand you just want to read more on Linux in general (which we suggest), go directly to our introductory howto section. Reading some of the sections on that page will give you a better understanding of how it all comes together.

The following sections will cover the basics using Linux:

  • Getting online, and performing online tasks such as e-mail, browsing the 'Net, or some other form of online communication (e.g. samba, NFS)
  • For work and entertainment - using productivity software, games and installing applications
  • Basic system administration - navigating your system, configuring basic security, performing backups and other system tasks.

For more detailed howto's (still for the newbie) see the listings on our Howto pages.

Please bookmark this page, because we are constantly adding new sections. Have any suggestions on new topics? Let us know by e-mailing us. All help is greatly appreciated!.

New: We have recently added a tips database; If you know of any good tips not listed here or for corrections, please let us know as well. You can find the tips section here. Now let's get started shall we?