About us

"...finally a solution that gave us what we needed and delivered on the promise of a fast ROI. No bull, no hassle and to the point..." Steve Martin - Target Stores a Division of Dayton

GNU/Linux has created waves among software developers, network administrators, and others whose business it is to develop and support end-user applications, because of the fact that its source code remains freely available. As a result, the GNU/Linux operating system is deployed by more and more commercial users as a reliable, cost-efficient, high-performance alternative to Unix. This brings along the need for new GNU/Linux certified hardware, software, installation and other technical support needs.

We hope that this site will attract GNU/Linux enthusiasts, irrespective of proficiency level, experience or expertise. As this goal is accomplished, registered and new users will come to rely upon each other as "experts," seeking technical support and assistance from each other, in an unmoderated setting. With the web site currently exceeding projected volume expectations, Linux Voodoo averages around 120,000 unique visitors per day. The potential for reaching maximum growth goals is boundless.

Linux Voodoo will ultimately grow to become an awesome resource and the forum for Unix users of all sorts. This site is the result of an idea whose time has finally come. There are a lot of existing Linux sites, but it has become really difficult to find a site which combines ease of use with the ability to address all questions about GNU/Linux. Ultimately, we intend to add new content to the site and will structure the site around our users' suggestions, comments and ideas which includes competitively priced hardware, software and services.

Company Profile/Funding and services

Linux Voodoo Corporation, founded in 1998, is a privately held and funded corporation which offers B2B/SMB consulting services focusing on GNU/Linux and it's implementation at home as well as in the enterprise as a viable alternative to Microsoft™ products by providing in-depth expertise, project management skills, and experience. We strive to make every dollar spent on technology an investment that shows positive returns as quickly as possible.

Our sincere gratitute goes out to everyone who has helped and supported us in the past and those of you who are still with us. If you would like to be part of our growing team, see our local employment section!

A special message:

(Taken from Apache Digital (apache.com) unaltered, since we could not have said it better)
"Striving to conduct business in accordance with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, we wish to bless people and share the gospel at every opportunity. We operate daily in the strength that God provides. Because he loves us, God promises to give us success in daily life when we seek to please him."

Many will ridicule us for having this on our site, but you know what? That's ok, it has happened to many in the bible, and we expect it to happen here too. If you don't like this message, tough luck. Just know that God still loves you even if you're a non-believer.